Comparison Rate Calculator

Comparison Rate Calculator
What is a comparison rate?

The comparison rate, sometimes also referred to as the true rate, is a more accurate reflection of the amount of interest you will have to pay on a loan. It includes the standard interest rate, plus the fees and charges you’ll need to pay when taking out finance.

How to work out a mortgage comparison rate

You could fork out untold dollars on hiring an accountant to do the maths for you, or you could take advantage of Sweetie Lending’s comparison rate calculator below.

To use this, simply enter the amount you’d like to borrow, along with the period of time you want the repayments to stretch over. Then type in the interest fee you’ve been quoted by your lender and we’ll let you know how much you’ll need to repay each month.

Use our handy comparison rate calculator below and find out the comparison rate on your loan.