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Assets are an essential part of almost any business: whether it’s a corporate vehicle, plant or property, assets are things of financial worth which belong to the business. Assets and/or equipment may be needed for a variety of reasons. We are an equipment finance broker that offer Australian businesses the flexible, accessible and competitively priced finance they need.

Assets And/Or Equipment May Be Needed For A Variety Of Reasons
  • to enable the business to operate properly.
  • because it is more cost-effective to purchase a particular item rather than to rent or hire it.
  • as an investment as it is likely to appreciate over time (property, for example, frequently falls into this category).
  • as part of a planned expansion or growth strategy.
Broker Offering Asset Finance Australia Wide

We pride ourselves on offering a fast, responsive service to every client. Because we are a broker, we have lenders on our books who are prepared to offer finance on a wide range of assets and equipment. Particularly if you have a niche business, require a larger purchase but have only a small amount of collateral, or have other potentially challenging financial circumstances, finding a suitable lender can be difficult. We deal with dozens of different lenders, working hard to find you a finance product that’s right for you.

Competitive Interest On Your Equipment Loan

Obviously, to be a cost-effective choice, the financial benefits of investing in an asset need to out-weigh the cost of the finance. We have a range of competitive products available, including ones where early repayment results in paying less interest. There are also options for phased lending, variable lending or flexible repayment schedules. We have the ability to customise a finance package to suit your equipment purchase schedule – just get in touch with one of our professional advisers and they’ll be happy to tell you more.

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