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Are you a trustee, financial advisor or potential beneficiary of a self managed super fund? Managing a super fund successfully is a major responsibility. With a need to optimise the return on investment, many super fund trustees feel that investing part of the fund in property could be a good way to maximise ROI. Frequently, a mortgage or property loan of some type is required to make investment in property a viable proposition for an SMSF. We are a new finance broker who is happy to provide self managed super fund property loans for super funds of many different types.

Take Advantage Of Property Management To Grow Your Fund

Generally, over time, property prices continue to rise. This means that if you buy wisely, it’s possible to realise a significant return on any money invested in a property. Even if you have to pay interest on the home loan you take out, over time that will often be more than made up for by the increase in the value of the asset.

We Will Search For Lenders Who Can Meet Your Needs

Not all lenders are prepared to lend to SMSF borrowers. We are prepared to find you one that is! With a commitment to providing every client with a loan product that’s right for them, we have a network of established lenders on hand. This gives us plenty of flexibility when it comes to finding you a suitable loan. Usually you will need to have a corporate trustee structure and the fund should be able to finance around 20% of the property price. If you need some sort of variation from these requirements, let us know and we can try to find you a lender who will be able to accommodate you.

What Happens If The Fund Hasn’t Got A Good Credit Rating

If a SMSF hasn’t borrowed before, it may not have got a strong credit rating. If this applies to your SMSF, it doesn’t necessarily act as a barrier to taking out a property loan. As part of the application process, we ask for a range of information regarding the financial circumstances of your fund. In many cases, it’s possible to borrow money to partially fund your property purchase, even if the trust is borrowing for the first time.

We Can Work With Complex SMSF Structures

Some of the SMSF loans Australia trusts require can be quite complex to set up due to the structure of the fund. We are able to accommodate SMSFs of all shapes and sizes. Our team has considerable knowledge and expertise in SMSF borrowing, enabling us to find a loan that’s appropriate for use by your SMSF.

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We offer home loans on anything from a small apartment through to a townhouse or detached property. With a variety of products available, we are committed to responsible lending and ensuring that every client ends up with a financial solution that works for them.